In addition to our own resources, we have a network of 1100 partners and 8500 vehicles to serve you.

With our strong presence in Europe we can pick up loads from any city, in just 2 hours on average! Our partners are carefully selected and comply with strict specifications.

  • Valladolid

    Pick up a 20t production mould from a plant in Valladolid, Spain and deliver to Mioveni, Romania, to prevent a production shutdown.

  • Moscou

    A cooler containing vials of water for analysis from Moscow to Lille.

  • Porto

    Delivery of a display unit from Porto to a trade show in Paris on a public holiday.

  • Toulouse

    A fighter aircraft engine from Toulouse to Hamburg, Germany.

  • Nantes

    A scale model transported from Nantes to Bordeaux and hand delivered for an architect bidding on a project.

  • Göteborg

    A full truckload of fuel tanks from Gothenburg, Sweden to an automotive plant in Tychy, Poland.

  • Manchester

    Capsules going from Manchester to a pharmaceutical laboratory experiencing a production shutdown in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Istambul

    Operating room lighting from Istanbul, Turkey to Milan, Italy.

  • Kaunas

    We also transport your goods in Eastern Europe !